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    Shetewy-Tech Türkiye proudly provides pro websites, platforms, business e-commerce solutions, and mobile apps since 2008.

About us.

We are a one-stop web solutions provider. Whether you need an appealing website design or complex multi-tiered web system development or custom programming using the latest technologies and industry trends, Shetewy-Tech has the experience and expertise to get it all done.


Carefully built with science and experience.

At Shetewy-Tech, our unique expertise in various technologies enables us to deliver integrated, scalable and robust solutions with an optimal cost and/or performance ratio. We are constantly exploring new technology products to meet ever-growing customer requirements.

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Since 2008, we have represented all types of businesses, from startups to corporations and governments, with the same commitment that is at the heart of every engagement.

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Shetewy-Tech Assistant

A new tool that helps you manage your services and projects on the go. You can listen to an audio version of your project updates while you are on the road or in the office.

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We accept MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, MoneyGram, American Express, Discover, İş Bankasi, Western Union, Garanti Bank, Barclays UK, and First Century Bank.

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Our Recent Projects

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Harvard Arab Alumni Association

The President of Harvard University has recognised HAAA as the best Harvard Alumni Association. The HAAA reaches over 4,000 alumni and supports numerous charities, scholarship funds, and initiatives throughout the Arab world.

United States

Alamoudi Exchange OCR-ID

Alamoudi Exchange is a member of IAMTN in London. In partnership with GSA Analytics UK. Secure, pre-trained machine learning models to recognise, read and verify national and work visas in shopping malls, airports and city centres.

Saudi Arabia

ORG Logistics UAE

A well-known global freight service provider headquartered in Dubai Airport FZE with a presence in Europe, China, Iraq (Erbil), Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain and Tunisia.

United Arab Emirates

Addrus E-Learning (SaaS)

Comes with SaaS Capabilities, Online Payment, Web, and Mobile Apps. Addrus helps deliver educational content anytime, anywhere.


Trusted by Brands

Salam TV with Fahhemni, a nationally known Libyan educational platform that provides knowledge and learning to thousands of students every day!

Fahhemni has mentioned Shetewy-Tech several times, highlighting their support and help to get the project off the ground properly! Fahhmeni is supported by the UK government, France Expertise, Stream and Libyana Mobile Operator.

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Digital Portfolio

Our products have been used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Check out our web and app portfolio, including HAAA and HABA from Harvard University, The American University of Libya, IKU Mobile UAE, Marasi International, and more.

Marketing Campaigns

Expert services! We help you harness the true superpower of social media. Check out our social and digital media campaign portfolio, including Tabadul TV, Kusharista New York, ORG Logistics, Economic Group in Doha, AMI Egypt, and more.

Seeing = believing!

Now you can request a free video demo even before you sign an official contract with us! We understand that it is very important for you to visualize your final product. We are happy to provide that for you, using the latest technologies and trends!

Get in touch with our team now by choosing one of the contact methods we offer, such as live chat, phone call, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more!

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New partnership with GSA Analytics UK

Shetewy-Tech has announced a partnership with Manchester-based General Services Administration (GSA Analytics). A software development company focused on digital transformation through business applications, RPA automation, cloud and analytics.

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