Social media can have a huge impact on your business. It can used to make introductions, nurture relationships and market your products or services to incredibly specific audiences. Capitalize on online marketing and social media services for your business! Our experts will help you harness the true super-power of social media, Depending on your overall goals, we can incorporate any or all of the following:

1. Monitoring

We'll make sure that you know who’s talking about you, what they’re saying and what they think, and whether it’s positive or a negative that needs immediate correction.

2. Promoted Ads

Get the most from your paid social activity, by targeting your customers where they spend most of their time online, we’ll help to build you an engaged, loyal audience! We take your presence to the next level.

3. Reporting & Analysis

Thru the data we collect, Shetewy-Tech will provide you with a very detailed reports which can help you to decide your next best move, push a new offer, or anything listed in the recommendations box.

4. Social Media Set Up

We manage everything, starting from creating pages, taking care of usernames, routing, we provide the best brand alignment to your digital and offline identity.

5. We have IDEAS

We're charged with IDEAS, things that you can use and join, that provide you with a massive results, in the shortest time! That's what Shetewy-Tech helps you to get!

6. Always Connected.

We're in your WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Assistant, Dashboard, QQ, Email, Phone, Live chat, and more! One of the key things about our approach to communications is that it’s always customer-centric.

Recent Campaigns

View our recent campaigns for clients of different countries, different languages, and objectives.

Tabadul TV

A new TV channel focusing on Economic issues and Economic-related news and shows. Tabadul TV is considered one of the leading Economy-related TV channels in Libya.


Economic Group in Doha

Was established in 2000 with operations across Qatar and the region, employing over 3,000 people. Is a major investment conglomerate managing QAR 980 million portfolio of assets.


ORG Logistics in UAE

A well-known global cargo service provider headquartered in Dubai Airport FZE, with presence in Europe, China, Iraq (Erbil), Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain and Tunisia.

United Arab Emirates

CitySpiders in Istanbul

CitySpiders helps both drivers meet their financial goals and businesses to better advertise their products. All managed by an AI powered systems in the background.

Turkey, Libya

AMI in Egypt

AMI is a US Coaching Company, Managed by an International Keynote Speakers, ATD Facilitators, and a leading Experts in the arena of Peak Performance Coaching and Learning.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, United States

Emad Kattara in GCC

Intensive Banking Courses! 16 years’ experience in banking sector field with Barclays, Audi and AAIB. A MBA certified from AASTMT, Managing the training deptartment of EBI.

Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain

SILFIUM in London

Silfium International seeks to mark its fingerprint in the field of medical imports, with a team of bright-minded young men and women making the vision of a better future for all, a reality.

United Kingdom, Libya, United States

Kusharista in New York

Named after the popular Egyptian street food that is the foundation of this delectable dish – Kusharista takes it one step further to celebrate culinary hallmarks with a modern twist.

United States

Will you be the next?

Take the first step to helping your business thrive online.

You can request a free mini-campaign for your page to ensure that our services are alligned with your vision. Please prepare your STL number when you request that, the mini-campaign includes two promoted posts, with post design, content writing, comments responding, and more. *Terms and Conditions Apply


Our social media pricing is completely bespoke and is based on your current situation and your objectives. We accept all major credit/debt cards and/or bank transfers, e-payments and e-checks only. This helps us to provide a quicker service for all our clients, increase efficiency for our team and ultimately a safer environment for all. View our accepted payment gateways and Contact us If you need any further assistance.

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